Managing Big Data: SAP HANA's In-Memory Computing

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April 02, 2014

When it comes to efficiently responding to market forces, satisfying customers, and reducing risks and costs, real-time capabilities afford an organization the laser-like focus and flexibility that executives once only dreamed of. The technology industry has only recently evolved to a point where this is a reality within reach of every company.

Along with enormous opportunity, however, real-time capability challenges organizations to transform the way they manage the oceans of data, now referred to as "big data," that fuel it. It's a challenge that dominates strategic planning for both the C-suite and IT, because such a broad variety of factors are at play.

In this paper, KPMG offers five considerations for adopting in-memory computing architecture, such as SAP HANA, that can bring the data closer to the computer's processors, improving speed by significant proportions.

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