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March 06, 2014

Featured Research

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Finding the Fiercely Loyal Among the Frequent Buyers
One of the goals of every chief marketing officer is to increase customer loyalty. Explore the differences between those who are stuck with a brand and those who love a brand.

Read the viewpoint on the Georgetown website.
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Consumer Generated Advertising
Many companies have traded in their conventional advertising practices for ads created by consumers when developing marketing campaigns. Learn whether using consumer-generated advertising is good or bad for business.

Read the brief on the Georgetown website.


Georgetown McDonough School of Business

KPMG is the founding sponsor of the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research. The institute supports, conducts and disseminates scientifically rigorous research that leads to innovative and actionable insights about consumers.

The institute's goal is to be a preeminent source for consumer research with the purpose of helping practitioners and consumers make better decisions. Objectives are to:

  • Foster a collaborative environment for academics and practitioners
  • Develop a reputation as a source for cutting-edge consumer research
  • Support faculty in the context of a research-driven organization
  • Provide students with transformational education experiences


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