Procurement: The Private Life of Equity

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April 07, 2014

An article from Procurement Leaders, reporting on the discussion among private equity stakeholder executives at their 2013 London roundtable event.



"For equity firms, creating value is not just about ruthless cost saving – it’s about driving best practices."

  — David Rae, Procurement Leaders, article author  


An intimate group of stakeholders from the private equity industry, including partners and operations staff from the firms themselves, as well as CPOs of portfolio companies, gathered at a Procurement Leaders 2013 roundtable event in London to discuss the challenges and different approaches of working in the industry.

It was an illuminating conversation because the vast majority of it focused on creating value through the supply base.



"Procurement and supply chain is a key value driver, both from an investor's perspective but also from a management perspective."

  — Martin Högel, KPMG, director and event co-host  


Read this article for key takeaways and leading practices in sourcing management for the private equity industry.


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