The New 2012 Repair Regs - What They Are and How They Affect Your Company

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Hosts: From TaxWatch

Date/Time: Jan. 11, 2012 | 2:00pm ET

2012 Repair Regulations



Event Overview

KPMG LLP invites you to a special video webcast panel discussion on the just-released (and long-awaited) U.S. Treasury regulations that address the capitalization of costs incurred to acquire, maintain or improve tangible property ("Repair Regs").


The panel discussion will be led by Eric Lucas, former U.S. Treasury Department official and a key architect of the Repair Regulations.  Mr. Lucas, who recently joined KPMG's Washington National Tax practice, will be joined by leading capitalization experts from KPMG's Washington National Tax practice: Lynn Afeman, James Atkinson, and Carol Conjura.


During the webcast, panelists will discuss the new regulations in detail, including:


  • Background, intended scope, and application of the new Repair Regulations
  • New capitalization standards, including special safe harbors and de minimis rules
  • Industry specific guidance
  • Effective dates, transition rules, and potential change in accounting method procedures
  • The practical impact of these changes and their potential effect  on pending IRS audits
  • Next steps



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