VAT Implications of Cloud

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Hosts: From TaxWatch

Date/Time: Sept. 19, 2012 | 2:00pm ET

VAT Implications of Cloud



Event Overview


Cloud computing has created a new borderless business environment in which taxing authorities are doing their best to keep up with changes in technology.


In the U.S., individual states have yet to develop consistent rules and policies in response to cloud computing. As U.S. companies conduct business cross-border, the issues become increasingly complex as tax legislation is country specific and can even be region specific.


This TaxWatch webcast is part of the continuing series of events highlighting the tax considerations inherent in adopting cloud for your business. During the webcast, members of KPMG’s U.S. based value-added tax (VAT) team explore how the evolving environment of cloud computing fits with indirect tax legislation around the world, which is far from uniform, harmonized or borderless.


The discussion highlights the key VAT considerations for U.S.-based companies and will include specific examples of businesses successfully managing VAT within the global cloud environment. There is also a focus on VAT efficient supply chains, contracting models, and high risk jurisdictions.

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