Hydrocarbon Margin Optimization

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By KPMG International | April 25, 2011

This publication discusses emerging business trends in hydrocarbon margin optimization, the hydrocarbon margin optimization process, and the challenges and opportunities the process presents.

The refining industry has long sought to improve profit margins through operating efficiencies and price risk management. In recent years, capital constraints, regulatory changes, and new refinery construction around the world have resulted in additional cost pressures and greater competition. In response, refiners are seeking new means of extracting value from crude procurement, refining and transportation.

Some refiners are taking a new approach to the old problem of improving profit margins by using advancements in information technology, improved understanding of capital stewardship, and increased trading capabilities. They are redefining hydrocarbon margin optimization and its impact on their operations by modeling all assets with the hydrocarbon chain, integrating financial and physical trading capabilities with operational decisions, and taking a risked-based view of capital and fixed assets.

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