Clarity in the Cloud

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Nov. 02, 2011

The cloud is creating new business opportunities as companies harness its power to facilitate new revenue, services and businesses.

At whatever pace businesses progress toward the cloud - as they encounter obstacles and achieve early successes – they learn. This report, based on data from more than 900 respondents to a KPMG cloud survey conducted with Forbes in 2011, shares these lessons.

The survey results also show an increased readiness to accept and exploit the benefits of the cloud. Most respondents agree the cloud offers strategic benefits, which look likely to transform business models and offer serious competitive advantage.

The vast majority of executives surveyed expect investment in 2012 to dramatically increase, with some organizations planning to spend more than one-fifth of their IT budget on the cloud next year.

Read Private Cloud vs Public Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud, the companion article published by NetworkWorld.


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