Outsourcing: What to Do When It's Not Quite Right

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By Kevin Hopkins | Sept. 12, 2011

The world has changed tremendously in the last decade, and the outsourcing contracts you inked in the 2000s will likely need some rethinking now to take on the business of the next few years.

You are not alone.Nearly three-quarters of all outsourcing contracts have been renegotiated at some time, and that number is rising. And while there are many hot-headed anecdotes of failed arrangements, the most successful remediations are the result of cooler heads making sound business decisions.

Having worked with some troubled relationships in the past few years, it’s become clear to us that the most effective way to restore operational performance and confidence in the ongoing relationship between customer and service provider is to establish a formal remediation program.

Here are 10 steps to confidently and affably bring an outsourcing relationship out of the ditch and into optimum performance.

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