Keep Options Open With Flexible Outsourcing Arrangements

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By Marc Stark | July 02, 2012

Leading companies are taking their global services to the next level.

They’re breaking down functional silos, developing end-to-end processes that span multiple functions and locations. They’re integrating shared services, third-party resources and cloud technologies into cross-functional portfolios that continue to reduce costs while driving new kinds of value.

We call this model the extended global enterprise (EGE).

But what if you’re not ready for that? Or what if you’re on the way but need more time to align stakeholders? How do you handle your current outsourcing contracts?

Don’t panic. There are things you can do now to create flexibility in your long-term outsourcing arrangements, enabling your company to move forward with tactical service delivery while the sourcing strategy takes shape.

So when, and if, the organization pursues an EGE initiative, you can avoid exit penalties and incorporate your current relationships into the new model. 

Read Keep Options Open With Flexible Outsourcing Arrangements

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