The Extended Global Enterprise Advantage

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By KPMG LLP | June 01, 2012

Today, shared services and outsourcing are the norm, but the market is still evolving. Organizations are now demanding more from their services, and it goes far beyond simply realizing efficiencies across business units.

Companies are seeking a paradigm that allows them to flexibly leverage the most appropriate service delivery capabilities in the world, regardless of whether they come from internal or external sources, or even a hybrid of the two.

The goal is not only to reduce costs, but also to increase agility and build business value. We call this concept the Extended Global Enterprise (EGE).

To build value and drive sustainable quality improvements and cost reductions, you must reach beyond the four walls of the enterprise to access a global network of capabilities and a pool of configurable resources. Those capabilities and resources can be rapidly provisioned and released on demand to meet ever-changing market conditions and evolving business objectives.

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