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By KPMG's International Executive Services practice | Dec. 19, 2013

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The Expatriate Administrator, published by KPMG's International Executive Services practice, offers thought-provoking articles that can help raise awareness about topical and timely issues affecting international assignment programs and globally-mobile employees working for multinational organizations.

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Current Articles


Taking a Fresh Look at the Latest Immigration-Related Changes from China: Foreign Nationals Face Tighter Regulations - It was merely a matter of time before the Chinese authorities acknowledged and acted upon gaps and deficiencies in the rules and practices in respect of foreign nationals entering and leaving the People's Republic of China.  Some new rules, recently introduced in China, focus on standardizing the management of foreign nationals' cross-border movements into and out of China in order to curb illegal entries, illegal stays, and illegal employment.  HR professionals should review and adjust their existing visa application procedures and "cycles" in response to the extra administration and prolonged processing time related to visas, so that the negative impact on the travel and work schedules of their employees can be mitigated.  Read more.




Supreme Court's Same-Sex Marriage Decisions Clarify Some Issues, Cloud Others - In the United States, same-sex married couples recently won federal recognition of their rights and privileges by virtue of a recent Supreme Court decision. That Supreme Court decision, how the federal government is reacting to it, and the significance thereof for employers and their globally-mobile gay and lesbian employees, are examined in this article. Read more.


Significant Tax Reforms Planned in South Africa, with Changes Coming for Employee Stock Schemes, Pensions, and Fringe Benefits - As fringe benefits, retirement funds, and equity compensation have grown in terms of their use, variety, and appeal, the rules in South Africa governing the taxation have struggled to keep up and have been in flux for several years. Recently, the National Treasury, in consultation with tax practitioners and other representative bodies, has made efforts to reform the tax system governing these aspects of remuneration. This article focuses on the tax proposals in the two draft tax amendment bills that may impact individuals - including globally mobile executives - and their employers, and the National Treasury's response to comments received. Read more.


Navigating the FBAR Maze - Despite the publication of final FBAR regulations in 2011, many U.S. corporations remain confused regarding the FBAR filing requirements. This article alerts taxpayers to the upcoming filing deadline for calendar year 2012 FBAR reports and aims to clarify the important FBAR filing obligations and responsibilities for companies and individuals. Read more>>

You can also view a brief video from KPMG's Washington National Tax practice on FBAR filing obligations for 2013 here.

 Expatriate Administrator

The Marketplace Challenges and Opportunities Presented by the Globalization of Higher Education - Many higher education institutions are looking to take advantage of growth opportunities outside their national borders. This is due, amongst other things, to the effects of globalization, which have created many challenges as well as opportunities. Read more>>

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The First Cut May Be the Deepest - but Thoughtful Considerations Can Mitigate the Pain - As a result of continued struggles in the global economy, organizations are identifying and implementing cost-saving strategies. In many cases, organizations have come to the difficult conclusion that a workforce reduction is a necessary and unavoidable step. Read more>>


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