Tax Morality and Tax Transparency: An Overview

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By KPMG International | June 11, 2013

From TaxWatch

Tax directors around the world are shouldering the impact of fundamental changes in attitudes and approaches to tax.

For many, the days are gone when tax was solely an expense to be managed. Whether it is corporate social responsibility, tax governance, enhanced transparency with tax authorities, investors, or society holding individuals and businesses accountable for paying a fair amount of tax, these issues are subject to increasingly heated debates.

This paper asks four questions:

  • What are the underlying factors driving the international debate?
  • What is the story so far?
  • What are the areas of focus and likely future developments?
  • How does a company director, senior executive or advisor best respond?
Read Tax Morality and Tax Transparency: An Overview
Tax Morality and Tax Transparency: An Overview
Examining the Tax Transparency and Morality Debate

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