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By KPMG's Global Mobility Advisory Services | Feb. 27, 2014

From TaxWatch

The issues and components that are prevalent within a global organization's international assignment program are plentiful and can be complex. Each provision has multiple options and decisions that today's mobility professionals need to assess and monitor.

Whether you have devoted your career to global mobility or are just getting started, continuing education on these topics is important. To help you do this, KPMG's Global Mobility Advisory Services has created a "Back to Basics" thought leadership series that will examine global mobility policy elements from a foundational level.

Future articles will cover repatriation, localization and short-term assignments. 

Back to Basics: Home Leave

This first article in the series is devoted to the provision of home leave, which grants an assignee and accompanying family members assistance to return to their home country while on international assignment.

Most organizations tend to provide home leave; however, actual programs can vary greatly, and we describe many of the basics of the home leave provision in this article.

Read Back to Basics: Home Leave
Back to Basics - Home Leave
Back to Basics

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